Come Sing With Us
All are welcome - loaner books are available. We sing six or seven times every month. Scroll down to see all our annual events.

The Monthly Schedule
1st Friday - People's Co-op - 7-9pm  (Seven-shape singing from the Christian Harmony
1st Sunday - Waverly Heights - 2-4pm (Singing from the Cooper Book)
2nd Sunday - People's Co-op - 5-7pm

3rd Sunday - Cedar Hills UCC - 2-4pm (Second hour is an "other book" singing)
4th Sunday - Kennedy School - 3-6pm (First hour is a free topical singing school)
5th Sunday - Peninsula Baptist - 2-5pm  (First hour is a free introductory singing school
Last Thursday - Kennedy School - 7-9pm (sacred harp 101!)

Annual Events