Best online Christian Harmony resources

So the night before last May’s double all-day, I thought I’d better start looking around online for some good Christian Harmony resources - hopefully something that could get me up to speed fast on any song in the book.

Singing practice websites
First I tried the old standby - - but they didn’t list 320 (Longing for the Day), one of the songs I wanted to learn. After the singing Clarissa (of course!) introduced me to Ulrike and Harald, the sweet folks behind Sacred Harp Bremen, and they put the tune up for me.

Both of these sites are great. The Bremen site doesn’t yet have as many CH songs as, but it’s easier to use, and they seem happy to take requests if you email them.   

Live recordings
At first I hoped to find something like Boston Sing’s index of Denson book tunes. No luck - there are several solid collections of live recordings, but currently no comprehensive index of songs. 

The dream
For live recordings, the gold standard would be a high-quality, searchable index of the book’s tunes, each labeled with name and page number, that would automatically play the next song in the list, or replay a song over and over. A SoundCloud playlist would work, and would allow you to easily make smaller playlists.

For singing practice websites, I think something that focused on interval and rhythm drills - instead of whole songs - would help all singers, especially beginners, progress faster.